21/04/2016: Screening & Networking Evening

Join us in an evening for creative talent. We will be screening audiovisual projects from professionals working in the media industries who are interested in showcasing and sharing their creative work with other fellow colleagues.

Doors will be open from 6pm.
Free admission, limited seats.

We accept donations to help us keep these screening evenings free and to help us get drinks for all of you!

Screening Shortlist:

Skipping Rope by Erik Moore  (1’57”)

A Key to Eyelids by Scott Radnor (6’50”)

Sophie’s Story by Christos Hatjoullis  (6’00”)

Salty Puppets by Fred Fabre (10’00”)

Fairy Advice in the Garden by Matt Taylor  (4’27”)

Continuum by Miguel Domingo-Redondo & Jose Macabra (15’35”)

Screening April 2016

*01zero-one reserves the right to change this shortlist and the screening order with no notice.


We are already taking submissions for our following screenings. If you wish to submit your video, please drop us an e-mail:


– All videos should be no more than 20 minutes long.

– All genres welcome as long as they are original and creative.

– Make sure you’ve got the right to showcase the video you submit, we wouldn’t like anybody to get upset.

– Standard video formats welcome: .mov, .mp4…

– You can submit your videos via WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc. or you can pop in one day and bring us the file. We will be happy to see you.

You will have the chance to show your work to other professionals working in the media industries, get feedback from them, exchange opinions and networking.

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