Special Screening:”Like a rolling stone: 16/06/2016

How does it feel?To be without a home.Like a complete unknown.Like a rolling stone?
What’s it like to live in a country where your cultural roots clash with the society that you wish to be a part of?
This month we have a thematic screening evening based on films about immigration, alienation, and displacement.
We will have the films screened and after each film,we will introduce someone from the crew of the film who will talk a little bit about it and also the audience will have the chance to do their questions and comments.

We accept donations to help us keep these screening evenings free and to help us get drinks for all of you!


“Lia” 19′ introduced by Ethosheia Hylton
Lia is a story about the day in the life of a teenage sickle cell sufferer.
Part of the Official Selection BFM International Film Festival 2015 and Herne Hill Festival 2016

“Cheap Tickets” 12′ introduced by Konstantinos Iordanou
An intimate, observational documentary about the Greek Crisis and its interaction with immigration.
Nominated for Best Documentary at the 35th Drama Short Film Festival In Greece.It has been screened in:
9/2012 35th Drama Short Film Festival
10/2012 The Drama Film Festival goes to Athens
10/2012 Doclisboa 2012 Cinema of Urgency
12/2012 Ciclo de Cinema A DÍVIDA SEM CORTES,
12/2012 “New and old social struggle: a dialogue between generations” Braga, Portugal
01/2013 “British Shorts” 6th Lichtspielklub Kurzfilmfestival in Berlin
4/2013 Bradford International Short Film Festival

“How far from home?” 7’08″introduced by Liliana Grzybowska
An ob doc investigating the situation of displaced Afghani families in Belgium, where they are desperately trying to fight for their future.
Is there a hope for finding a new home? Where is home now?

“Red River” 12′ by Emma Lindley
Muni is a British schoolgirl, she’s also engaged to a much older man.When her fiancé comes to visit, will she accept him?
Watch the trailer here: https://vimeo.com/150924479
Best Non-Multiplex Film,screened at the 2016 LONDON SHORT FILM FESTIVAL.

DOORS open at 18:00pm ENTRANCE,limited seats.

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