We are delighted to be hosting a very special edition of our screening nights. This week we will be screening two amazing short films: The Pugilist’s Son and Beverley.

Thursday, February, 4th 2016. 

Doors will open from 6pm. Free admission, limited seats.


The Pugilist’s Son. Chris Fretwell, 2013.


Billy Hope is a young fighter, a promising talent, but he is shrouded in the shadow of his father. Billy’s father Terry is a failed fighter, he’s a boxer who never quite made it, he was never quite good enough and his world title dream was never realised. But as time passed there was another way he could keep his dream alive, through the next generation, namely his son. Billy yearned to please his father who has since slumped into depression. He saw that winning his fights lit up the flames in his father’s eyes. He strives to reignite those dwindling flames by living out his father’s dream in the boxing ring. Until one explosive day in the gym.

Beverley. Alexander Thomas, 2015.


Beverley follows a mixed race girl’s struggle to carve out a sense of identity in a confusing, shifting cultural landscape – 1980 Leicester. A move from the decaying, poverty-stricken, urban environment to the relative comfort and theoretical safety of white suburbia does not provide the hope and opportunities Bev may have wished for. A familiar enemy is ever present – a threat that extends beyond her own safety, as she must also protect her brother and sister. By asserting her will and using her guile Bev tries to shape her new environment into something palatable, but the result is the opposite of what she is trying to achieve.