Air conditioned, acoustically treated studio 8.7m x 6.5m x 2.5m height and gallery with prompting system and controllable lighting, green/blue or black screen.

Weekday dry hire rates are:

Half day (4 hours, 9 – 1pm or 2 – 6pm)  £295 +VAT.

Full day  (9 hours 9 – 6pm) £495 +VAT.

Additional hours on full day: £85+VAT per hour up to 9.00pm. £105+VAT after 9pm.

Additional set up fee £85+VAT.

After 9:30pm Monday to Thursday and after 6:30pm Fridays and  weekends, additional fees might be applied.

Weekend (full days only)  9am – 6pm £750 +VAT (includes tech support and building security). Additional hours: £80 up to 9.00pm.

Use of Gallery equipment including a Blackmagic 4K ATEM ME Studio complete with an advanced Control Panel: £150 plus £75 per camera channel. / £85 + VAT (Half a Day).

Make-up space with mirror (in a shared area): £100 + VAT (Full Day)  / £50 + VAT (Half a Day). If you’d like a private Green Room, cost is £150 for a full day.

Autocue system (fits any camera): £40 + VAT (Full Day) / £20 +VAT (Half a Day).

Technician Support (minimum 4 hours) £40+VAT/hour. Security staff* £25+VAT/hour.

In-house Camera Operator (minimum 4 hours) £45+VAT/hour.

Black Magic URSAmini camera Full Shooting Kit with Samyang Prime lenses (14, 25, 35, 50, 85mm) and Black Magic focus assist: £120+VAT (Full Day) / £60+VAT (Half a Day).

2x Blackmagic URSA.

4K Studio cameras/Fujinon.

TV zoom lenses with focus/zoom remotes.

Blackmagic Studio viewfinders.

Panasonic HPX250 50Mb 422 HD camera: £65+VAT (Full Day) / £35+VAT (Half a Day).

Panasonic AGDVX200 4K camera: £80+VAT (Full Day) / £50+VAT (Half a Day).

Canon 7D 30-70 and 70-200mm: £40+VAT (Full Day) / £25+VAT (Half a Day).

Our equipment is only for use in our studio.

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We have a fast 1Gb internet connection. All our cameras/prompting system etc are available at half day rates!

ALL RATES ARE +VAT at the current rate. Other rates are available on request.

These are our basic rates but they do include use of an HD monitor and the studio lights and stands:

12x Photon Beard tungsten Highlite 110 balanced flourescents dimable.

5x Arri 650w fresnels.

2x dado 500w fresnels.

6x dado 150w.

3x 2k blondes.

1x source four 750w zoom.

Various 650/300w fresnels.

Lighting grid with strand mixer.

C stands with flag arms/super clamps/various croc/gator clips.

Black/blue/green/white backdrops.

Orange or black/grey bucket chairs, red sofas & single armchairs.

Black harlequin floor.

*Security Charges – If you wish to hire facilities out of our normal opening hours we are obliged to provide a security attendant to ensure the safety of your participants and the success of your event.  The cost of this service is shared if your group is not using the building exclusively.  i.e. if an additional client is hiring 01zero-one space at the same time.

Studio hire payment and cancellation terms at 01zero-one.

We are happy to make provisional bookings for the studio (pencil bookings), and these will incur no charge.
To confirm your provisional booking, send an email to: your contact details and an address for us to send our invoice to. You can also pay with credit or debit card on the phone: 02070251930.

Once you have confirmed your studio booking, we will send you a confirmation email and require full payment for the studio. This payment is non refundable. If you cancel a confirmed studio booking, you will still be charged the full amount of the hire.

Please note that 01zero-one is a not-for-profit organisation.

For more info, please contact: or 020 7025 1988 / 020 7025 1930.